About The Project

UbiSwim.org designed and developed a collaborative ubiquitous/pervasive and mobile computing system for monitoring and improving swimmers' personal fitness & wellness. This project is part of the MSc thesis in "Engineering of Mobile and Pervasive Computing Systems" of the Hellenic Open University - School of Science & Technology postgraduate student Ioannis Asproloupos under the supervision of Professor and Mentor Mr. Konstantinos Chorianopoulos.

UbiSwim combines wearable, mobile, web service technologies and our endless passion and love for swimming, in an innovative system that boosts swimmers' motivation, improves performance, allows real time interactions while having fun and more!

Source code of this project is publicly available on GitHub to help developers implement their own swimming sports software.

UbiSwim.org participated in the "Global Sport Innovation" International Startup competition. Over 71.000 innovators from 46 countries competed in eight regional competitions. Patras Science Park organized the startup competition for the Balkans. The winner made it to the final competition in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil during the 2016 Olympic Games. UbiSwim.org passed the initial round of the Innovation in Sports Competition and was an official candidate for the regional final, but didn't get the ticket to Rio. We reached the 13th place in a total of 46 Balkans' qualified competitors (not bad for a uni project though!). Thank you so much for your support!

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